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Crime in Indiana Similar to Witt Abduction Scenario

It’s always disturbing when I come across a case that is frighteningly similar to the abduction and murder of Melissa Witt.

Since this project started, my team has uncovered information about the abduction and murders of two women: Melissa Trotter from Texas and Laney Gwinner from Ohio - both similar to the crimes committed against Melissa Witt. In fact, the convicted (and now executed) murderer of Melissa Trotter is a suspect in the Melissa Witt murder. His name is Larry Swearingen.

We have added a third case to our list: The attempted abduction of Elizabeth Davey.

On the evening of October 16, 2010, 24-year-old Elizabeth Davey was enjoying an evening out at the Blackiston Bowling Alley in Clarksville, Indiana.

Davey had never met her attacker before. In fact, according to Davey, the first time she saw her attacker was when he held the door open for her as she left the bowling alley - seconds before the attempted abduction began.

According to Davey, the would-be-abductor, Peter Allen Roberts Sr., placed a noose tightly around her neck as he forced Davey on the floorboard of his truck.

Roberts then proceeded to hold a knife to Davey’s throat as he wrested to keep her in the truck. Frightened for her life, Davey describes how she pleaded with Roberts to let her live, as she told him about her then 1-year-old son.

Roberts only reply: “Can you feel that?” as he held the knife against her body.

The brutal attack came to a stop when two men heard Davey’s screams and opened the passenger-side door of the truck and pulled Roberts away from Davey.

At trial, Peter Allen Roberts Sr. was found guilty on all counts stemming from the 2010 attempted abduction of Elizabeth Davey.

According to Davey’s mother, Debby Frederick, she believes this was a pre-mediated abduction.

“I believe Roberts saw her (Davey) in the bar singing with the karaoke group that night. She was with a few of her friends and usually when they leave, they all leave together, but on this night she decided to stay longer and was the last person singing in the bar. When she went to exit the bowling alley that night, Roberts opened the first set of doors for her to go out and the next then she knew, he snatched her up. She fought for her life so hard that he dropped her twice on the way to his truck.”

The nature of this crime against Elizabeth Davey is very similar to the abduction of Melissa Witt. I am not, of course, suggesting that Peter Allen Roberts Sr. is (or should be) a person of interest in the Witt case. I do, however, find this attempted abduction to be incredibly similar to what happened to Melissa Witt on December 1, 1994. It's worth exploring.

The crime Roberts committed is public record. Click here to read one of the news articles about Peter Allen Roberts Sr.

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