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Darkness or Light?

There is darkness that invades your life when you dive deeply into a murder case.

That darkness feels like a thick, wet blanket entangling your every thought.

That dark, heavy feeling slowly began to creep in the day that I learned that in a strangulation death, loss of consciousness can occur within 5-10 seconds. Death within 4-5 minutes.

I also learned that in those last few minutes of Melissa Witt's life -- absolute panic ensued. Simple science taught me that the tightness around Melissa's throat would have sent signals to her brain that alerted the panic centers to begin responding at a rapid pace.

Melissa's amygdala, or fear center of her brain, would have then kicked into high gear causing her to instinctively thrash around violently in an attempt to fight off her attacker.

The massive amount of adrenaline that would have been pumping through her body in the final moments of her life may have prevented Melissa from feeling the full effect of the pain of what was happening to her. However, that same rush of adrenaline would have fueled the terror that gripped tightly to every cell in her body.

Until at last, that terror slowly faded into the dark abyss of death.

A dark abyss that still exists - clinging to every aspect of Melissa's unsolved murder.

It clings to every thought.

The darkness clings to every crime scene photo.

It clings to every moment leading up to Melissa's last breath.

The darkness of the crime committed against Melissa Witt forces people to look way and to speak in hushed tones. For others, that darkness tricks them into saying nothing at all.

I have found that in those times that the darkness seems overwhelming, I must simply reach for the light For me, that light is found by seeking justice for Melissa Witt.

For those reading this - that light may be found by sharing information about Melissa Witt's murder so that she is never forgotten.

Others may find that light by coming forward with the truth.

Someone out there knows who murdered Melissa Witt - and I believe the burden that they carry is dark, heavy and overwhelming.

Is that someone you? If so, it's not too late to turn on the light. Come forward.


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