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Douglas Lawrence Logan

In 1995, the Southwest Times Record ran a news article (photo below) entitled "Tie to Witt case eyed in abduction attempt" -- the text of that article has been included below:

"Investigators searched a car Thursday owned by an Alma man who is accused of attempting to abduct a Fort Smith woman and has been questioned about the Melissa Witt slaying.

Prosecutors filed a felony charge of false imprisonment against Douglas Lawrence Logan, 40, for allegedly claiming to be a police officer in an effort to abduct the woman Saturday. Logan is being held at the Sebastian County jail without bond.

Arrested near the parking lot where Melissa Witt disappeared before she was slain, Logan has been questioned by Fort Smith police three times concerning the Witt case. Investigators are seeking any information regarding his recent activities, detective Sgt. Steve Howard said.

"At this time he is not a suspect in the Melissa Witt slaying," Howard said.

Thursday afternoon police crime technicians searched a 1985 Chrysler that Logan recently owned, looking for links to other crimes that he may have committed, detective Capt. J.C. Rider said.

Police stopped Logan about 4:30am Saturday for failing to yield to oncoming traffic and arrested him for driving with a suspended license.

A woman in the car, Connie Bowen, 26, said Thursday that Logan threatened to arrest her unless he was allowed to drive her home from Club Fouquets at 1810 Zero Street in her car. Police said Logan claimed Bowen had been drinking and he was only offering her a ride home.

Bowen said Logan had been following her at the bar and offered to take her and a friend out for a cup of coffee, then drive home.

Outside the bar they argued and Logan allegedly showed Bowen a Fraternal Order of Police card. Howard said Logan apparently got the card from working for a private business that raises money for FOP by selling magazines.

He also had a belt buckle that identifies him as a security guard, Howard said.

Bowen said Logan ordered her to get into her car. She complied, fearing she would go to jail if she didn't agree. Logan allowed Bowen's friend to drive his car to the friend's home on South 29th street and he was to follow her there, according to a police report.

Police stopped Logan a short time later in the 2900 block of Zero Street. Bowen said her friend took Logan's car to her home and later had it towed.

"Knowing he was not a police officer, that really shook me," Bowen said. "Anything could have happened."

Melissa Witt, a 19-year-old Westark Community College student disappeared December 1 from the parking lot of Bowling World at 6100 S. 36th Street. Her body was found January 13th on a forestry road north of Ozark."

My team recently tracked down Doug Logan and we discovered something frightening: He's recently been charged with sexual assault.... to be continued.

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