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Justice is Coming

For years, I followed the mysterious case of Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible. In 2018, I felt so relieved to learn that the girls would finally receive the justice they deserve.

This morning, I was reflecting on the day the news report broke about Freeman and Bible.

I remember being stunned when the news story broke with the headline: "More than 12 people kept their mouths shut in case of Oklahoma girls missing since 1999." News story found here.

12 people!

It's so difficult for me to believe that a dozen different people knew what happened to these girls but kept their silence for so many years.

It makes me take pause as I consider the Melissa Witt case.

How many people out there know who killed Melissa Witt?

Is it one? Two? Or is it a dozen people?

Someone out there knows who murdered Melissa Witt. Someone knows.

It's my belief that one day very soon a news story like this will be written about the Melissa Witt case being solved. Every day we are one day closer to justice.

Justice is coming. I can feel it.

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