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An Open Letter to Melissa Witt's Killer

We are still searching for you. We know that you are most likely someone's friend, sibling, cousin, co-worker, spouse, parent, or neighbor. On the outside, you might appear to be normal -- even friendly and kind. But on the inside.... that's a different story.... because in your heart you carry murder. You carry the guilt and horror of your crime against an innocent young woman.

Was Melissa the first person you murdered? Have you killed since?

We know you have ties to the area in which Melissa's body was discovered. You are most likely a hunter. Someone with poor relationship skills. Possibly a loner. I bet you have anger issues. You might even abuse people and animals. I often wonder if Melissa rejected your advances. Did that rejection make you feel humiliated and angry? I bet you must have been embarrassed that a beautiful, vibrant, 19-year-old girl wanted nothing to do with your pathetic self.

Sometimes I think that maybe, just maybe, you lived near the location where Melissa's lifeless body was discovered. Is that why you chose that location?

Do you ever worry that people close to you secretly suspect you of Melissa's murder? Do you wonder if they have noticed your suspicious behaviors and whisper behind your back the horrors they think you capable of committing?

You know what I think? I believe they DO suspect you and I believe they will come forward.

It is my hope that if anyone who knows you and suspects you of Melissa's murder is reading this – I hope they find the courage to come forward and tell us who you are and what you have done.

In fact, we have an anonymous tip line set up for this very purpose: 1-800-440-1922.

I hope that thought scares you.

You won't be able to hide forever.

Law enforcement will find you. I promise.

I look forward to the day that your secrets are revealed. I look forward to when you are arrested and convicted for what you have done.

May justice come quickly!


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