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The Girl I Never Knew

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

It seems strange to me to type out the words: I did not know Melissa Witt.

Technically, those words are true, I did not know Melissa in the traditional sense. Melissa and I never spent time together.

I was 21-years-old when Melissa, age 19, died.

And on that fateful December day in 1994 as I planned for my future, Melissa's future was stolen.

Melissa and I never had a conversation. We never spent a day shopping together at the mall. I never knew Melissa Witt. And yet… our lives are deeply connected and forever intertwined.

How could that be possible?

It’s simple: I’ve spent the past six years searching for the man who murdered Melissa Witt.

I've spent countless hours pouring over police case files, autopsy records and crime scene photos. Along with my team, I've conducted hundreds of interviews, sent and received thousands of emails and Facebook messages, and I've stood in painful silence at the very spot where her lifeless body was discovered on that cold mountaintop in January of 1995.

I've sat in reverence as I've read the words that were penned by Melissa Witt in her diary.

As I write my own words in this diary of sorts, and openly share my heart about the Melissa Witt case in ways that I have never done before, my goal is that you, too, would come to know her. That you, the reader, would become so incensed with her murder that you, like me, would find it impossible NOT to seek and demand justice.

In an effort to be transparent and vulnerable, I have decided to write this blog from my point of view -- mainly (and only) because I have been the driving force behind the Melissa Witt Documentary project. And because of that project, I have received hundreds and hundreds of emails, letters, phone calls and interview requests about Melissa's case.

So please understand that I am not writing this blog from "my" perspective because I am special or because I have anything to gain -- both things are the furthest thing from the truth.

The only thing of value to be gained from the efforts of my documentary team or this blog is this: Justice for Melissa Witt.

This is the only goal. I want justice for a girl I never knew.

I hope whoever reads this will join me in this quest to find justice for Melissa Witt. She deserves it.


To read more about Melissa's case, click here.

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