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The Murder of Sydney Sutherland

I am grieved by the murder of Sydney Sutherland.

I am not alone. The entire state of Arkansas is mourning the death of of the 25-year-old nurse who had her entire life ahead of her.

Quake Lewellyn, 28, of Newport, was arrested on Friday evening, hours after authorities found Sutherland's body. He's since been charged with capital murder, rape and kidnapping.

While the details are not yet confirmed, it is believed that Quake strangled Sydney Sutherland to death.

My heart is absolutely broken for the family, friends and loved ones of Sydney Sutherland.

Her last moments on this earth were consumed by an evil that no person - let alone young woman - should ever have to face.

I pray her soul left quickly - far away from the horror of the darkness that crossed her path that fateful day.

Rest in Peace, Sydney Sutherland. Rest in Peace.

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