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Convicted Sexual Predator,Travis Dale Crouch

I would like to give a "quick" overview of Travis Dale Crouch.

Travis Crouch, AKA: “Tramp” or “Skull” has been, and according to authorities, continues to be, one of the top suspects in the murder of Melissa Witt.

Travis Crouch is an Ozark native and is currently in prison in Colorado for the rape of another young woman. Crouch will be up for parole in 2024.

Crouch was a carpenter at a church camp north of Ozark near where Missy’s body was found. In fact, the camp was located just a few miles from where Melissa’s body was recovered. He was also known to camp in that area.

Crouch grew up in the Franklin County area where Witt’s body was found. Crouch often hunted and camped in that very area. Because Witt’s body was found during deer season in such a remote area, police believe only a hunter or someone familiar with the area could have dumped her body without being caught.

Travis Crouch was released from jail in Minnesota in October of 1994. Once released from jail, Travis traveled to Arkansas. According to investigators, Travis Crouch never provided an alibi for his whereabouts on December 1, 1994. There are witnesses that place him in Arkansas in mid-December of 1994.

Records show that he was arrested in New Orleans on January 1st of 1995.

Please keep in mind that Travis Crouch had a long criminal history — his past is filled with violence, stabbings, sexual assaults, drug activity, and rape accusations.

In 1997, Crouch was panhandling at a Boulder, Colorado shopping mall when he started talking to a young woman. He then kidnapped this woman in her OWN CAR from a mall parking lot. He drove her to a remote location (mountaintop) in Colorado where he brutally sexually assaulted her. She escaped with her life when he passed out from a drug induced stupor in her car. She fled from the car completely naked and was able to get help.

Travis was arrested a short time later near the same area in which the assault took place.

Below is news article dated July 8, 1998. This article ran in the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, Colorado. This article touches on the sentencing phase of his trial in Colorado, along with an important point made by Judge Morris Sandstead.

—– RAPIST SENTENCED TO 64 YEARS BOULDER — A convicted rapist was sentenced to 64 years in prison Monday after a profanity-laced outburst that got him ejected from the courtroom. “To hell with you,” the 31-year-old Travis Dale Crouch shouted as District Court Judge Morris Sandstead ordered him removed. Crouch’s outburst came after he denied sexually assaulting a 20-year-old Broomfield woman on July 28, 1997. “I never had any power over this girl,” Crouch said. “I didn’t force sex on this person. I don’t give a damn what anybody says.” Just prior to handing down the sentence, Sandstead called Crouch “a sexual predator and a danger to others.” “No sentence that can be imposed by this court can make the defendant understand the depth of his criminality,” Sandstead said. —–

Travis Crouch has been tied to the following areas in the 1990’s: New Orleans, Louisiana; Phoenix, Arizona; Flagstaff, Arizona; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Charlotte, North Carolina; Cherokee, North Carolina Las Vegas, Nevada; Cherry Grove, South Carolina; N. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Conway, South Carolina; Denver, Colorado; Boulder, Colorado; Daytona Beach, Florida; Broward County, Florida; Sturgis, South Dakota.

I have so much more to say about Travis Crouch and I plan to write more about him in the weeks and months ahead. If you are reading this and you have information about Travis Crouch, please contact me. If he's not our guy, I'd like to put that to rest once and for all...but as of the publishing of this blog post, Crouch remains uncooperative in our efforts to find justice for Melissa Witt. So until he's cooperative, or we find the evidence we need (for or against Crouch), I will keep digging.

He's up for parole in 2024. If you have information about Crouch that would help this investigation, now is the time to come forward - BEFORE he's released.


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