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What about the DNA?

The most frequently asked questions surrounding the Melissa Witt case center on DNA evidence.

Q: Is there DNA evidence in the Witt case?

A: Yes, there is DNA evidence and there is potential DNA evidence. However, due to confidentiality, I am unable to elaborate further.

Q: Has any of the DNA evidence been tested? Can it be tested again?

A: Yes, DNA evidence has been examined in this case. It has been examined twice. In fact, due to advances in technology, evidence is currently being tested for the third time.

Q: Has any of the DNA evidence been tested against potential suspects?

A: Yes.

Q: If DNA evidence has been examined, did this testing help to rule out any of the suspects?

A: Yes and no. The DNA evidence in this case is complicated.

Keep in mind that the process of evaluating evidence in a criminal case can be long and tedious. Additionally, every case is different. One case may only have one or two pieces of evidence, other cases may have hundreds of different pieces of evidence.

Each case is complex and different in its own way, and even the evidence can be examined by different departments And there are different portions of the lab which focus on different areas of expertise.

Melissa Witt's case is complicated and the answers won't come easily. I wish the answer in this case was as easy as the crime labs on TV make it look. The public has been led to believe that a DNA analysis provides only two results: Yes, he did it, or no, he didn’t do it. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

I firmly believe that advances in DNA technology will eventually help to solve the murder of Melissa Witt. Until that day comes, I will keep searching for the truth. I know it's out there. And I intend to find it.


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