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The $29,000 reward in the Melissa Witt case was launched on November 29, 2023 and will expire at midnight on January 13, 2024.

The information we are seeking for this reward is as follows: 

Information that leads to Melissa Witt's Mickey Mouse watch and the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for her kidnapping and murder.

Information that can help us identify the following individuals. (Thanks to a reliable tip, we are searching for the following individuals who were seen in the Bowling World parking lot on the evening of December 1, 1994.)

1. Male, short stature, mustache, glasses, wearing a blue shirt, jeans, brown boots, white (or light colored) baseball cap. This man was seen standing outside of Bowling World on the sidewalk smoking. It is very likely that he heard and/or saw the very loud altercation between Melissa Witt and her abductor.

If you have any information about these individuals please contact our confidential tip line at 1-800-440-1922 or email us confidentially at

If you are reading this and you are one of the individuals described above, particularly the man seen smoking outdoors on the sidewalk, our team implores you to PLEASE come forward to help give Melissa Witt the justice she deserves.

The reward will be paid out to anyone who can positively identify one or more of these individuals and this identification leads to the arrest and conviction of the person (s) responsible for the murder of Melissa Ann Witt.

Information for this reward must be new information (never before reported to law enfordcement) that leads to an arrest and conviction. 

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Our team, the first to be given access to the Witt case files, has worked tirelessly,

alongside retired detectives, to find justice for Melissa Witt. 

You can join us in our efforts by following us on social media to learn more about Melissa's unsolved murder. 

If you have information about the murder of Melissa Witt, please call 1-800-440-1922.

This film is in partnership with All the Lost Girls Productions, Umbrella Media Group and Team Nine, LLC.  

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