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Nonprofit in Honor of Melissa Witt

All the Lost Girls, LaDonna Humphrey, Amy Smith, Arkansas, True Crime

All the Lost Girls provides support for female strangulation cold cases in the United States.   They specialize in funding things such as DNA testing, genetic genealogy, billboards, and other critical resources needed to bring closure to cold cases.   Additionally, All the Lost Girls provides education resources geared toward protecting victims, preventing violence, and empowering survivors of domestic abuse, stalking, human trafficking and sexual assault.

All the Lost Girls: About


Amy Smith, LaDonna Humphrey, Arkansas, True Crime, CrimeCon


Amy Smith LaDonna Humphrey Arkansas True Crime


All the Lost Girls: Team Members

In a powerful tribute to the memory of Melissa Witt, LaDonna Humphrey and Amy Smith

established the nonprofit organization "All the Lost Girls."

Named in honor of Melissa and countless others whose lives have been tragically cut short,

this nonprofit aims to provide support, advocacy, and resources

for victims of violent crimes and their families.

The tragic murder of Melissa Witt left an indelible mark on the hearts of many, inspiring

LaDonna and Amy to channel this tragedy into something positive.

Determined to turn Melissa's murder into hope, they founded "All the Lost Girls" as a beacon

of support and solidarity for those impacted by violent crimes.

Through "All the Lost Girls," LaDonna and Amy seek to amplify the voices of victims and survivors,

ensuring that their stories are heard and their experiences acknowledged.

By providing access to resources, advocacy services, and a supportive community,

the nonprofit aims to empower individuals and families affected by violent crimes to

navigate the often daunting journey toward healing and justice.

Central to the mission of "All the Lost Girls" is a commitment

to raising awareness about the prevalence of violent crimes and the urgent

need for systemic change. Through educational initiatives, outreach programs, and community

engagement efforts, the organization strives to foster dialogue, challenge societal norms,

and advocate for policy reforms that prioritize the safety and well-being of all individuals.

Join LaDonna Humphrey, Amy Smith, and the entire "All the Lost Girls" team in their mission

to honor the memory of Melissa Witt and uplift the voices of victims and survivors everywhere.

Together, we can create a world where every life is valued,

every story is heard, and every lost girl is remembered.

All the Lost Girls: About
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